On the road to V5

Next Audiveris version (V5) is meant to support even poor-quality scores. To reach this goal, a deep software redesign was launched in early 2013 and should get completed within a few months from now (April 2014).

During this very busy development phase, support on current V4 will be limited essentially to Audiveris Community forum.

Audiveris is an open-source Optical Music Recognition software which processes the image of a music sheet to automatically provide symbolic music information in MusicXML standard.
This opens the door to many tools (score editor, MIDI sequencer, ...) which can use this symbolic data for such tasks as edit, play, print, re-publish, transpose, query, etc.

Main features:



Audiveris is available through Java Web Start:



MakeMusic site provides representative examples of PDF scores and MusicXML data.

This Wiki details how Audiveris can be used to process each of these examples.


Audiveris is developed in Java, and invokes Google Tesseract (C++) for text OCR.

Project components (source code, binaries, issues tracking, forum) are available on Kenai.

Help wanted for


See details on dedicated Wiki and share your expectations on Audiveris forum!